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Coping with a dyslexic partner. There clearly was a misconception that is common dyslexia.

just impacts the capacity to read and compose. in fact, dyslexia make a difference memory, organisation, time-keeping, concentration, multi-tasking and communication. All effect on everyday activity.

If you are in a relationship with some body whoever mind works differently to yours it could be frustrating and confusing. Particularly if you have the duty of operating a home and household together.

There are lots of techniques that can help:


You partner might find it tough to keep in mind appointments or conferences, or even to judge just how long a task that is particular just simply just take (some dyslexic individuals do usage effective strategies and are also highly organised).

  • Set cell phone reminders for essential times or appointments, or make use of calendar in a prominent spot
  • Ask the physician, dental practitioner or hospital to deliver cell phone text reminders for appointments
  • In the event that you find their untidiness overwhelming. They could assist by agreeing to place their material in today’s world ( e.g. in cupboards/drawers) in a way on it, but you can’t see it that they can still ‘lay hands


Dyslexic folks have to your workplace harder than others, and sometimes work additional hours, to conquer challenges that are daily. When they’re exhausted their dyslexic ‘symptoms’ could be more pronounced because they do not have the vitality to hire their usual coping techniques.

  • Remember that your spouse’s dyslexic ‘symptoms’ could be more apparent when they’re exhausted, and attempt to have patience

Reading and/or composing

Your lover may depend for you to proofread things they’ve written, or avoid writing whenever you can. Tasks that incorporate reading or writing can be tricky such also as: creating a grocery list, using a phone message or purchasing every item on a grocery list.

These problems frequently imply that the non-dyslexic partner takes on a lot more of your family and college administrative duties.

Some dyslexic individuals encounter a visual anxiety effect whenever reading, particularly when there clearly was glare from black colored printing and a bright white back ground. This could easily result in the expressed terms ambiguous, distorted or may actually move and may be very tiring.

  • Replace the back ground colour of this display screen, make use of a font that is dyslexia-friendly or a more substantial printing
  • Take to printing the web web web page as opposed to reading straight from a display
  • Strive to your skills, therefore if the partner that is non-dyslexic dealing with a lot more of the ‘administrative duties’ ensure that other tasks are provided


Lots of people with dyslexia have actually struggled along with other individuals misconceptions at some point. They may be cautious about exposing that they’re dyslexic and in case they usually haven’t been well-supported during training or in the workplace, they could have already been kept feeling ‘stupid’ or ashamed by their dyslexia.

  • Reassure your partner and remind them of most their talents. Take time to see things using your partner’s eyes instead of expecting them to adapt to your path of thinking


Too information that is much such as for example a listing of directions or guidelines, will likely to be difficult for the dyslexic mind to process and remember.

  • Ask one concern at a right time, or break information like guidelines on to smaller chunks ( ag e.g. a few at the same time). You might take to drawing a map, or writing a numbered list to assist your spouse keep in mind information


Bad short-term memory and concentration can indicate that the partner is effortlessly distracted. They might spending some time every early morning interested in their misplaced secrets or phone, which will make it hard to go out on time. Dyslexic people who find reading text really hard won’t be in a position to depend on prompts and reminders such as for example calendars and ‘to do’ listings, but also for other dyslexic people these might be effective methods.

  • Some people that are dyslexic their watches fast to provide them a much better possibility of being on time, and put reminders to their phone or computer. If you need to be someplace together at a particular time, then element in this trouble and permit extra time.

Feeling of way

Dyslexic individuals can have trouble with way: they might frequently get lost or feel stressed about planning to places that are unfamiliar. They might additionally find ‘left’ or ‘right’ guidelines hard to follow, or provide.

  • Tech is really a support that is great a bad feeling of way. Numerous phones have map that is free, or use a SatNav
  • If offering spoken guidelines avoid using ‘left’ or ‘right’ instructions, decide to try verbal hints such as ‘follow the yellowish car’, or suggest with your hand which solution to turn

Everyday routines

A collection routine may be a coping strategy that is good. Nevertheless, a reliance on routine can indicate that it is hard to adjust whenever that routine is interrupted.

  • Know that a modification of routine might have a knock-on impact to all of those other time, and plan ahead. For instance, you are able to set reminders on the phone for times and places of appointments, and what you should just take with your

Personal circumstances